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Summer Joys Chaplain Article

Summer Joys

Jul 1, 2021

Summer Joys

“…this day is holy to our Lord; and do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”  - Nehemiah 8:10

There’s nothing quite like the joys of summertime at the cabin. My children will always cherish the many memories unique to being at the lake. I believe those times at the lake are as holy as the holy ground Moses was standing on when he heard the voice of the Lord in the burning bush. Joy is a gift from God which is a beautiful source of strength in our lives.

Take a moment and read this beautiful poem written by one of our residents’ granddaughter and remember the joys of times spent away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and feel the peace and joy God offers us through the wonders of nature.


By Claire M.

The sun is shining off the lake

The paint peeling off the barn filled with memories

The small swing set with a hole underneath

I see the swim dock floating in the lake waiting for us

My two cousins running around excited to start the day

The garage filled with the noise of machines at work

This is how the day starts at the cabin


At 10:00 sharp you can hear the boats speeding across the lake

We keep asking if we can go swimming

When the parents finally say yes, we rush to get our swimsuits on

We rush in water splashing everywhere

Building sandcastles, jumping off the dock, eating lunch at the beach


After lunch asking to go tubing

After many times we finally are allowed

Me and my brother switching off doing tricks to try to show off to each other

Always exciting and something new

When we are done we are tired and head up to the cabin


Dinner’s ready and we are running around finding everyone

The ribs or brisket that have been smoking all day are done

A small campfire is going waiting for us to have s’mores

After a delicious meal it is time for s’mores

The marshmallow gets all over my face

The chocolate is melting on my fingers

That is an exciting day at the cabin


May memories of peace and joy give you strength today.

-Campus Pastor, Lane Skoglund-Anderson