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Donate to Avinity

Your gifts to the Avinity Foundation provide ongoing financial support to help us sustain the overall mission, serving older adults in senior living communities where aging is all about living. Donations also help support our Spiritual Care Program, which provides chaplains who lead worship services, Bible studies, and pastoral visitation and counseling. Our chaplains understand the unique spiritual issues facing older adults and minister to residents as they address the challenges that come with age.

Shining Star Program


Leaving a legacy

The Enduring Gift Endowment Fund makes resources available to help support organizational needs in perpetuity. You can contribute by:

  • Giving cash gifts
  • Leaving memorials in honor of family or friends
  • Giving security gifts
  • Leaving life insurance with the endowment named as primary or secondary beneficiary
  • Including the endowment in your will
  • Designating the endowment as a beneficiary of a trust fund