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Frequently Asked Questions

Transition Questions

Choosing a time to move is very individual. But, generally speaking, if you find you are seeing your friends less often, feeling lonely, not keeping up with home maintenance, and/or depending on someone else for transportation, it’s probably time to look at what a community like Avinity could offer to enhance your quality of life.

Discuss it with your family! Talk with friends who have already moved or talk with someone who has moved a family member to a senior living community. Tour the communities that are most appealing to you. Several other resources are available to help you get started: or Senior Linkage Line at

No, Minnesota doesn’t license senior housing. Instead they have a registration called “Registered Housing with Services”.

This is a type of regulation by the State of Minnesota that has set qualifications and standards. Currently, Avinity has three housing with services communities: Mainstreet Village of RichfieldScandia Shores of Shoreview and WestRidge of Minnetonka.

Mandatory Long Term Care Consultation is a requirement by the State of Minnesota for anyone planning to move to a “housing with services” registered building. You can get additional information and have your consultation over the phone by calling 1-800-333-2433. After your consultation, you will receive a verification number to give to the property you are interested in. This number must be obtained prior to signing a lease.


Avinity would be happy to help. Our staff can assist you by providing phone numbers for utility companies as well as post office change of address cards. We'll help familiarize you with the stores, restaurants, businesses and other neighborhood places you'll need to know about. Some people find it less stressful if they hire a company that specializes in moving seniors. Avinity staff can help you with this, too!

Avinity has its own home care agency licensed by the State of Minnesota. Check with your preferred Avinity senior living community to see if the Avinity home care agency provides services there. Otherwise, you may use another home care agency of your choice.

Avinity communities each offer services and amenities that vary from one location to another that are available to meet your needs. Explore specific locations to find the one that bests suits your needs. Avinity offers home care services at Mainstreet Village of RichfieldScandia Shores of Shoreview and WestRidge of Minnetonka. However, residents are not required to use Avinity Home Care. We would be happy to provide you with additional information from other home care agencies if you are interested. If assisted living care is needed, we provide that care at Mainstreet Village of Richfield.

Housing Questions

Yes – we encourage you to bring your favorite decorations, treasures and furnishings from home. We offer a variety of floor plans so you can choose one that best accommodates your belongings. Some locations will also allow you to select a paint color to compliment your furnishings.

No, unfortunately the plumbing and ventilation systems in the buildings do not support a washer or dryer. We do, however, offer coin-operated laundry facilities at each location. Quarters are available in the office for your convenience.

At some of our communities we are able to offer comfortable and reasonably-priced guest rooms on a first come, first served basis.

Most communities have some space that may be reserved for private use.

Scandia Shores, Mainstreet Village and WestRidge offer dining programs as an add-on service.

Yes – all Avinity properties have a limited number of handicapped accessible apartments. In addition, all properties have accessible entries, restrooms and doorways (as well as elevators).

Avinity has maintenance staff to take care of many apartment repairs; we will attend to your needs within 24-48 hours of being notified.

All our communities, except Mill Pond Gables and Riverwood Village, have on-site caretakers to respond to emergencies when the management office is closed. This information will be supplied to you in a Tenant Handbook upon move-in.

Some locations have apartments with balconies and/or patios. Check with the community you are interested in.

Lifestyle Questions

Each community has a full and varied calendar of activities. We try to find something of interest for all of residents. Helping you stay active and interested in your community is one way Avinity strives to assist you in having a full and rewarding lifestyle. At the same time, we know not everybody has the same interests and social preferences. Residents are free to choose to attend activities when and if they desire.

Yes. Avinity provides an on-site chaplain, non-denominational worship services and pastoral counseling that fosters a caring and inspirational environment. Spiritual care is offered at Edendale Residence, Scandia Shores, Mainstreet Village and WestRidge.

Most Avinity communities offer transportation on a daily/weekly schedule.

Absolutely… our apartments are equipped with a full kitchen to allow for doing just that. We provide van transportation to and from grocery stores, and in some neighborhoods there are also stores within walking distance to allow for easy shopping.

Smoking is not allowed in the apartments, common areas or grounds. Each community has a specified area designated for smoking.

Pets are welcome at all Avinity communities except within assisted living at Mainstreet Village of Richfield. Pets provide residents with companionship, love and affection. Inquire about the specific Pet Policy at the community.

Avinity always welcomes your grandchildren, children, friends and other visitors. Your apartment is your home!

Certainly! Most Avinity communities offer transportation, but you may still choose to drive your own car. Most properties have underground heated garage space available for rent.

Not at all. We welcome all faiths by offering a non-denominational spiritual care program.

Financial Questions

Mainstreet Village of Richfield’s assisted living program accepts Elderly Waiver, an income-qualifying program that helps pay for health care related services. Contact the county social services office in which you reside to apply.

We don’t accept Section 8 vouchers. Avinity’s communities are moderate to market rate apartment buildings with affordable rate structures.

Rates generally change annually.